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Vibrating feeders and conveying machines for industrial use. Features for our vibrating feeders include: variable or fixed rate, electric or air operated, floor or suspension mounting, above / below / or side mounted drives, custom vibrating trough lengths, and special trough designs available.

We serve all of the bulk process industries including: scrap metal, food, chemical, ceramics, glass, packaging, metal, mineral processing, and pharmaceutical.

Air Powered Vibrating Feeders - Light Duty
Air Powered Vibrating Feeders - Heavy Duty
air powered vibrating feeders - light duty

Light duty, base mounted air-operated vibrating feeders offer quiet operation and unparalleled durability. They are ideally suited for the controlled flow of bulk material to secondary process operations such as weighing, packaging, spreading, dusting, mixing, etc.

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air powered vibrating feeders - heavy duty

Heavy duty, air-powered vibrating feeders incorporate all the standard features of the light duty units, while offering higher capacity output. Four standard tray sizes are offered with capacities from 15 TPH to 50 TPH...remote variable control, instant start/stop, quiet operation, no maintenance, and low cost.

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Twin Motor Feeders - Grizzly & Pan Feeders
Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeders
twin motor vibrating feeders - grizzly and pan feeders

Twin Motor Vibrating Feeders ( Pan and Grizzly Feeders ) are designed to convey product by creating a linear straightline motion. Two counter-rotating motors provide the linear (push-pull) action required… No belts to maintain, smooth conveyance action, adjustable flow, no springs to tune or air gaps to adjust, above or below deck drives, base of suspended models, explosion proof units available.

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electromagnetic vibrating feeders

Electromagnetic vibrating feeders are offered in five standard sizes. Feeder capacity is based on sand at 100 lbs. per cubic foot. Troughs can be furnished in vee, tubular and wide flat pan designs in mild steel and 304 stainless. Typical applications include feeding to packaging, batching, mixing, drying and similar applications. Hot and cold materials are easily handled.

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Twin Motor Vibrating Conveyors - Systems
twin motor vibrating conveyors -systems

Twin Motor Vibrating Conveyors are available from 4' long to 18' long in flat pan or tubular trough construction. The units can be arranged for both base mounting and overhead suspension. The twin counter-rotating motors offer a semi-balanced conveyor design ideal for long transfer applications.

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